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Freelance illustrator & graphical artist

The White Knight and the Army of Men


The door to His chambers flung open and a man as tall as the door handle flew into the room. His face was pale and terror in his eyes.
”S-s-sir…?”, he stuttered as he slowly approached the big desk in the middle of the room.
”Yes..” The Knight asked without lifting his eyes from the paperwork in front of him. He did not like to be disturbed. As the man reached the table, close enough for Him to feel the tension in the guard, he let go of a sigh and asked ”What is it?”
The man swallowed with great difficulty and said, ”They’re here.”
”Who?…” He put away the scroll he was reading and as he picked up another he asked, ”…the mailman?”
The guard emitted a nervous laughter, changed position of his feet and answered, ”No, Sir. They are here.”
His hands froze, almost crushing the scroll. The room was dead silent, almost like you could hear the tension in the room. Slowly he lifted his eyes at the, now almost shaking, old man, and with a grin on his face he said, ”Finally. Get me my sword.”


What started as a simple art prompt ended up as something a lot more advanced than what was first planned. I used no sketch- or lineart in this one, so it was quite a challenge.

Done in Photoshop CC
Time taken: Roughly 4 hours

More to come!

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