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Stormtrooper final

At the dawn of destruction


The fun feeling when you realise you’ve been drawing with the night-/redfilter turned on for over an hour and when you turn it off everything looks like crap. Yea.. happened twice during this drawing. Lesson learnt. Anyways, here’s a stormtrooper ;D

Pretty fun, getting the weird white/gray colours right was the most difficult part. I coloured everything without using a ref, so that was a challenge too.

Time taken: ~2,5h
Drawn in Krita


Initial sketch (yes i accidentally coloured on the sketch layer again, and forgot to screenshot the correct sketch layer, this one has erased parts, woops)


Some background colours and base gray added


Light shading


Background and more shading details


Aaaand even more details! (This version is slightly different than the large one at the top. Due to my nightmode mistake I adjusted the colours in RawTherapee afterwards.)

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