Drawning of Otter Valley

Otter Valley – Speedpaint

Deep in the secluded fjords of Norway exists a little kingdom. Not inhabited by humans in their castles, no, but by otters. Lots and lots of otters. Hidden beneath their cliffs in the mountain sides they have carved and built many little cottages, so many that you may even call it a town. A town with docks, shops, merchants, and bars. There even is a washing spot for deer that have nothing better to do. Welcome to Otter Valley.

Yea I got no idea where this idea came from, but it turned out alright I think. It was supposed to be a speedpaint but it took like 5 hours 🙂

Done in Krita.
Time taken: ~5 hours.

Drawing process:

Otter Valley p1
Initial sketch.
Otter Valley p2
Basic colours added.
Otter Valley p3
Some details.
Otter Valley p4
More details.
Otter Valley p5
More details, done!

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