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2019-05-18 raptor smaller


Hi, my name is Andreas Teodorsson, welcome to my world of art!

Animals, odd creatures, weird things and mixed nature related stuff is what I paint the most. I'm mostly self-taught. I use a Wacom Cintiq 16 and paint with the program Krita. Sometimes I also paint traditionally with graphite and oil.

I also like open-source software, so I self host Matrix and Jitsi Meet at Hingst.net.

The store

In my web shop I sell prints.


ART LICENSE: You are free to share, remix, duplicate and build upon my work as long as you give me appropriate credit. Don’t use my work commercially nor state or imply that I somehow endorse your use of my work.

Environmental work

All our products are made in Sweden, either by myself or by external companies. I try to use only FSC or Nordic swan certified paper as far as possible. Used ink cartridges are recycled or sent back to the manufacturer for re-use. Unused or non-usable materials are recycled or used in other areas.


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Company information

Hovkluster AB
Utsädesgatan 5 lgh 1422
431 46 Mölndal, Sweden
Org.nr: 559296-1360
VAT/moms nr.: SE559296136001
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