Andreas Teodorsson Art

för att drömmar aldrig dör


Here you'll find all artwork that is for sale. Originals are shown at the top and fine art prints under that.


Originals are traditionally made artwork that exist in only one copy. All originals are signed.

No originals for sale at the moment.

Fine Art Prints

My artwork can be bought as fine art prints, printed on a high quality fine art paper or photo paper. These are printed on Hahnemühle Hemp which is a (290 gsm) fine art paper with 60% hemp and 40% cotton with a lower climate impact compared to "normal" art papers in pure cotton. Photos are printed on a glossy or matte photo paper.

Would you rather let me paint something for you? Click here.

My fine art prints are mainly sold in A4 size (30x21 cm). If you'd like other sizes please contact me!