Dragons have tests too v2

Didn’t like the previous version so re-drew the background and changed the focus area + added shading. Wanted to draw something fun before the exams. Done in Photoshop CCTime taken: About three hours

The hare

2019-03-13 rabbit helmet

I got inspired by a post i found on Reddit and came up with this. Found a good colour scheme and stuck to it, with some adjustments. Fun to draw, but fur is difficult. I bumped up the saturation a bit to match my monitor, I hope it isn’t too much [notify me if it …

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Gården (the farm)

Finally done! It started out as a horse sketch (the one in the back) but then I felt like I wanted to draw a scene. Added a friend, some fence poles, a house and ended up with this. I didn’t plan on colouring it at first, hence the cross hatching, but it felt empty so …

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