Le Sheep

A sheep

A curious sheep. Went pretty well, got some more colour practice. Time taken: ~1,5 hours Done in Krita

The Rose

Drawing of a rose

Just something quick. Done in Krita. Time taken: ~2 hours

Le Horse


Well colouring is much more difficult than I remembered lol. Not too bad though. First finished drawing on Linux using Krita! 😀 Krita actually works better on Linux than on Windows for some reason. Done in Krita. Time taken: 4 hours

The hare

2019-03-13 rabbit helmet

I got inspired by a post i found on Reddit and came up with this. Found a good colour scheme and stuck to it, with some adjustments. Fun to draw, but fur is difficult. I bumped up the saturation a bit to match my monitor, I hope it isn’t too much [notify me if it …

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Gården (the farm)

Finally done! It started out as a horse sketch (the one in the back) but then I felt like I wanted to draw a scene. Added a friend, some fence poles, a house and ended up with this. I didn’t plan on colouring it at first, hence the cross hatching, but it felt empty so …

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Santa’s Large Little Helper

I wanted to draw a dragon/reindeer mix, and here’s the result! 🙂 Again I tried to not use lineart / sketchmarks in the final version, which turned out to be pretty difficult, but I managed to mash this together, enjoy!   Time taken: 12ish hours Drawn in Photoshop CC

The Yawning Fox

Another sketch/colour practice. The sketch is ok imo but I still haven’t figured out how to colour good yet ^^ Drawn in Photoshop CC Time taken: 1-2 hours

Judy Hopps

Tried to draw something else this time. She looked fairly easy to sketch, but oh no, I was so wrong. Had to redraw most parts 2-3 times.   Time taken: 2 hours Drawn in: Photoshop CC Character © Disney – This drawing is not licensed under Creative Commons.