sketch of an anthro bust

Idk, here’s a dragon.

Hunt – sketch

dragon sketch

Needed some stress relief so I scribbled down a dragon in just over an hour. It’s really messy. Done in Krita Time taken: see above Released under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The Sipling

Sketch of a sipling dragon

Dom är födda mellan stenbumlingar från fröna av en rönn, utrustade med vingar, steniga fjäll och med den mest underliga svansen; elva rönnlöv längst ut på svanstippen. Dessa drakar är små, men väldigt viga, vilket tillåter dom att dominera dom djupa urskogarna i Skandinavien. Born between boulders from the seeds of a fallen rowan tree …

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Playmates – A value practice

Dragon and horse value study

Drew a quick dragon sketch, ended up doing a full value study. Went a bit overboard but it was fun 🙂 I changed the values sooo many times before I got it decent enough.

Oh neighn!

Horse in the desert with a dragon on a cliff

The deserts can be a dangerous place when walking alone. Now this was challenging to draw! I had to look at sooo many references of horses, their anatomy, lightning, deserts etc 😀 The clouds and the perspective were a bit of an experiment too. Done in Krita. Time taken: idk 10-15 hours Drawing process:

Dragon in sunset

Sketch of a dragon on a pole

It was supposed to be a quick sketch but I got stuck on the shading part for like 5 hours. I do not like the outcome ;D   Done in Krita. Time taken: ~6 hours(?)

First drawing on Cintiq 16

Drawing of a dragon head

I bought a Wacom Cintiq 16, and it’s amazing! 😀 Really a game changer, drawing feels much more natural now compared to using a ”normal” tablet. Pics of the tablet coming later 🙂 Drawn in Krita Time taken: ~2,5 hours

Dragon in Red

Dragon in Red

Welllllllllllllllllllllllll I guess it’s kind of a colour experiment? Done in Krita. Time taken: ~4 hours

Dragon Portrait

Sketch of a dragon head

A somewhat quick sketch. Started with a really simple lineart/sketch which I then turned down the opacity on and drew over. Time taken: ~2 hours Drawn in Krita