Colour Theory Practice 2019-01-11

A random colour theory video was suggested to me on Youtube, and I was ’Eh, might as well watch it’. Several videos later and lots of tutorials I ended up with this :3 Not too bad I think. Drawn in Photoshop CCTime taken: Roughly 3 hours  

Merry christmas! (Finished)

Finally done! Two weeks too late ;3 Shading it was the most difficult to do, then I added some colour layers pretty quick. Black&White version in scraps Time taken: 10ish hoursDrawn in: Photoshop CC

Dragon Bust Colour Test

Played around with the colour palette a bit, got this. I kinda like it. Might be a bit too far on the brighter scale 🙂 Done in Photoshop CC Time taken: 45 minutes

Relay Race Practice

It’s done! Finally! It only took 25 hours over the span of a month 😀 I got a challenge from a Telegram friend that wanted me to draw a tired dragon making a baton pass on a running track. It was meant as a fast sketch, but I kinda over-did it.. I’ve never really drawn …

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I practiced some cleaner lineart this time, went pretty good Done in Photoshop CC in about 4 hours

Maypole Flowers

YEEEEEEEESS! That took roughly 15 hours, but I’m finally done! 😀 I experimented a bit with colour and shading on this one. The dragon’s colour and shading was all made in one layer. I haven’t done it like that before so it was quite a challenge, but imo it didn’t turn out that bad. Done …

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