Drawing of a fox looking at a pumpkin

I had to join in on the Halloween fun. First coloured drawing in a long time, went decent. I still need to practice a lot 🙂 Jag kände att jag var tvungen att hoppa på Halloween-tåget. Första färglagda målningen på länge, gick väl hyfsat. Jag behöver fortfarande öva en del 🙂 Done in Krita. Time …

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Relay Race Practice

It’s done! Finally! It only took 25 hours over the span of a month 😀 I got a challenge from a Telegram friend that wanted me to draw a tired dragon making a baton pass on a running track. It was meant as a fast sketch, but I kinda over-did it.. I’ve never really drawn …

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The Yawning Fox

Another sketch/colour practice. The sketch is ok imo but I still haven’t figured out how to colour good yet ^^ Drawn in Photoshop CC Time taken: 1-2 hours