Drawing of a young horse in a field v2

Äntligen klar 😀 Den tog alldeles för lång tid att göra färdig. Har haft för mycket annat att göra, men hade äntligen lust att sätta mig ner och göra färdigt den, cirka två veckor efter jag påbörjade målningen. Använde Capri23autos foto som referens. ”Young horse” Finally done 😀 Took way too long to finish. I’ve …

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Ocean ride

Drawing of horse and rider cantering through water

Well this turned out pretty good imo. I could have spent several hours more on details, but after three days of drawing I felt it wasn’t worth it. The horse and rider is heavily referenced from Rob Glenister’s beautiful photo on Pixabay, while I spiced up the scenery a bit. Done in Krita. Time taken: …

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Horse sketch

horse sketch

Idk, some anthro-ish horse. Just sitting and drawing whatever comes into your mind is quite fun.

Playmates – A value practice

Dragon and horse value study

Drew a quick dragon sketch, ended up doing a full value study. Went a bit overboard but it was fun 🙂 I changed the values sooo many times before I got it decent enough.

Oh neighn!

Horse in the desert with a dragon on a cliff

The deserts can be a dangerous place when walking alone. Now this was challenging to draw! I had to look at sooo many references of horses, their anatomy, lightning, deserts etc 😀 The clouds and the perspective were a bit of an experiment too. Done in Krita. Time taken: idk 10-15 hours Drawing process:

Horse head

Drawing of a horse's head

But look, another horse ;D (I really need to come up with better names for my drawings.) Now this was a challenge! I started with a really rough sketch, then coloured the basic shapes and features and added more and more details after that. Didn’t plan to draw it all in one sitting, but oh well …

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Horse Jumping

Drawing of a jumping horse

Another horse, because why not. Added some quick colouring too ;D Shining black fur = difficult to draw. Full res: here Done in Krita. Time taken: ~1,5 hours

Horse Sketch nr.2

Traditional sketch of a horse

Another horse! Legs are difficult. Second ever try at doing a larger shaded drawing, but I kinda like it 🙂 Time taken: 2,5 hours The reference image was taken by Erik Rundelius.

Horse Sketch

Traditional sketch of a horse

Felt like drawing something. Some parts are kinda out-of-proportion, but otherwise it went pretty well. Time taken: ~1,5 hours The reference image was taken by Erik Rundelius.

Le Horse


Well colouring is much more difficult than I remembered lol. Not too bad though. First finished drawing on Linux using Krita! 😀 Krita actually works better on Linux than on Windows for some reason. Done in Krita. Time taken: 4 hours