Ocean ride

Drawing of horse and rider cantering through water

Well this turned out pretty good imo. I could have spent several hours more on details, but after three days of drawing I felt it wasn’t worth it. The horse and rider is heavily referenced from Rob Glenister’s beautiful photo on Pixabay, while I spiced up the scenery a bit. Done in Krita. Time taken: …

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The Dragon

Dragon looking out over the sea.

It’s done 🙂 Took me some hours to finish. It did go quite well but shading is still difficult for me. I thought about colouring it but I had already started shading so I didn’t bother. It looks pretty good anyways. Done in Krita. Time taken: ~5-6 hours


Dragon thing. Experimenting with shading styles and colouring. Went pretty well, but for some reason the image is darker after exporting it from Photoshop :/ Greyscale version in Scraps   Time taken: 4-5 hoursDrawn in Photoshop CC