Ocean ride

Drawing of horse and rider cantering through water

Well this turned out pretty good imo. I could have spent several hours more on details, but after three days of drawing I felt it wasn’t worth it. The horse and rider is heavily referenced from Rob Glenister’s beautiful photo on Pixabay, while I spiced up the scenery a bit. Done in Krita. Time taken: …

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Sunset Flight

Woop, it’s done! 😀 I really like how this one turned out. Drew without a detailed sketch, so 99% just colouring. Done in Photoshop CC Time taken: 5 hours

The Dragon’s Beach

Random thing I wanted to draw. I experimented with the colouring a bit. The background turned out pretty good, the dragon — meh. My first idea was to delete the sketch/lineart layer after the colouring but it didn’t look good at all so I kept parts of it. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the result …

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