The elk

This was fun. I tried the same drawing style as in the old lady and the drone one I did a while back. There was a smaller calf in the photo too, but I didn’t draw it. Might add it later on.. Done in Photoshop CC Time taken: Almost an hour

The Girl and the Forest Monster

Now this is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever drawn. Wanted to try out the brushes + test a darker scene. Let’s just say there’s room for improvement Done in Photoshop CC in about 5ish hours

Maypole Flowers

YEEEEEEEESS! That took roughly 15 hours, but I’m finally done! 😀 I experimented a bit with colour and shading on this one. The dragon’s colour and shading was all made in one layer. I haven’t done it like that before so it was quite a challenge, but imo it didn’t turn out that bad. Done …

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